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Retirement Focused Financial Planning<br/>

Retirement Focused Financial Planning

My team and I have tailored a retirement planning process to help our clients with the following:

Pension Planning: estimate the projected income from the pension plan and analyze the various payout options to determine which makes the most sense for your unique situation

Social Security Planning: highlight the pros and cons of starting social security at various ages to determine when to start receiving your benefit

Asset Allocation & Tax Planning: review investment accounts (i.e. 401(k) 457, IRAs, etc.), real estate holdings, and/or any other assets to ensure they are aligned with your intentions and to understand any tax implications associated with the asset

Protection Planning: review current insurance plans (i.e. healthcare, long term care, life insurance, etc.) to determine which will and will not carry over into retirement; make informed decisions on how to protect your lifestyle, assets, and loved ones from being burdened by the unexpected

Legacy Planning: make sure estate plan is up-to-date & that any desire to empower heirs is honored in a tax efficient manner


The real benefit to engaging in this planning process will be the confidence, clarity, and contentment knowing the various aspects of your financial picture are tied together into one cohesive plan.

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